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Caregivers course


caregivers module

Introductory module

16 hours

Goal: better the care-giving of parents and caregivers utilizing neuroscience knowledge as a start point. Engage in new paradigms, tools and attitudes with the children's routine are a few goals of the introductory module which also cares about bringing the inner child in the care-giving adult and it's self-stem.


. Neuroscience and child development;

. Importance of affection and bond;

. Health: hygiene, nutrition, vaccines and it's key intersections;

. Importance of playing for the child development: practices and playful opportunities;

. Language development: Music, Literature, and art;

. Environment: Educating, Healthy, and safe environment;

intermediate module

16 hours


. Self-consciousnesses;

. Temperaments and the combination between kid and adult temperament;

. Environment and development: freedom: exploration and creativity;

. Social and emotional abilities;

. Positive discipline;

. Mediation and dialogue;

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