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educators module


educators module

introduction module

16 presential hours

Goal: contribute do the development of competency of the educators, offering knowledge based of the key advancements of neuroscience. Offer a thought about the key thinkers of practical theory, and provide playful/dynamical resources for each phase of development. . 


. Neuroscience and education;

. Development and Learning;

. Health;

. Affection and bond;

. Safe and playful environment;

. Language development: Music, literature, and arts;

. Play;

“History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.” 

- Nelson Mandela

intermediate module

16 presential hours


. Learning theory;

. Traditional model X A new form of education;

. Movement and cognition;

. Movement and culture;

. "Pedagogia Montessoriana";

. "Reggio-Emilia";

. Emotional and social abilities;

. Different kind of temperaments in kids and adults;

. Positive discipline;

. Dialogue and mediation;

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